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Liron Efrati

Liron has been in the hip hop field for over 15 years. During these years he developed his personal style and his way of expressing himself through movement.

Liron learned his craft under the toutalege of Omer Steier at Dancity studios

Street jazz, locking, popping, waving

are the dance styles in which he masters and which he teaches, where the emphasis is on maximum enjoyment and maximum ability.

The goal is to learn to dance and not just know how to perform a sequence of movements.

Liron is considered one of the most experienced and respected teachers in Israel and he conducts workshops for teachers at Wingate, institute the Tel Aviv Gymnasium, UDI, and the various dance studios in Israel.

Participated in the program "so you think you can dance"

Graduate of Camp Locking "lock is not a joke" in France.

judgedes the "HHI" and "Hip Hop Starz" competitions.

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