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May is a young and upcoming artist in the world of dance.Having been a student of dance at Dancity for the past seven years studying under the tutelage of teachers such as Sapir Havshush, Lior Eliyahu, Richard danipog and Omer stier, you know May is taking the craft of dance seriously.

Starring in Dancity Showcases, Independence Day performances as well as being an alumni of the shmuel hanagid dance program and a certified graduate of the Dancity Upstage Teacher/Choreographer course, it was no surprise that this promising young talent was soon to be on her way to teaching her own class.

wanting to experience more she participated and starred in masterclasses with Lyle Beniga, Brian Friedman and Sienna Lola.

May's dance class is all about fusing dance styles and techniques.from Contemporary Jazz to Hip Hop this girl just wants you to dance,appreciate it and love it.

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