Mia is a Dancity dancer through and through.She has been learning and perfecting her craf in dancity for the past 7 years under the tutelage of Sapir Havshush,Lior Eliyahu, Richard Danipog and of course Omer Stier.

Through the years she has amassed a number of achievements such as stariing in Dancity showcases, headlining Independence  Day performances, taking part in Alon high school dance program and completing The Dancity Upstage Teacher/Choreography course.

As well as Learning at Dancity she has participated in masterclasses around the world with teachers such as Brian Friedman, Lyle Beniga,Sienna Lola and attending pro classes at Pineapple studios in London.

Her classes are about "feel" about knowing yourself and letting it out,about not being afraid to loose control and dance.