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Omer stier (steier)

 Choreography style consists of physical movements that derive their energy and origin from hip-hop and personal experiences. Studied dance and choreography with Ossie Martin and Jimmy Williams, London UK .

Founder of DANCITY DANCE STUDIOS (2001),

As a choreographer  I Choreographed for Suzanne Dellal Center "MacholAcher" , Carmiel dance festival , "stage for us" choreography concerts, Roni "superstar" Duani MTV Europe videos,national tours and international performances ,So you think you can dance (Israel version). In 2007 established his dance troupe "Anewindow dance company" Since then ADC performed in Israel with "TGATC" performance and "Voiceless" performance at the Concours de danse Paris ,France.

Omer has also written choreographed and narrated a spoken word piece for the TEDxTelAviv conference "What does my voice look like".

As a teacher Omer teaches choreography and dance in his own studio (DDS) since 2001 and is a faculty member\ guest faculty at Peridance NYC ,Omer taught teachers courses at  KF dance center, Nijmejen, the Netherlands; Wingate Institute  Israel ; BikureiHaitim dance courses Israel ; Suzanne Dellal dance courses Israel and the Jerusalem academy for music and dance.

 Since 2018 Omer is the founder of a new movement method called "MOVEMENT.EXPRESSION".

This method is  tailored for increasing real time performance in dancers by using guided movements and self expression techniques.


a couple of words from him:

"When you're moving,you are creating,expressing a thought in a physical way.many people believe they should understand dance before watching a show or trying on a pair of dance shoes so to speak.they have no idea that they have been creating artistic movements most of their lives.there is no wrong or right in dance,theres just the art,the love.If you love something then love it,believe in it and enjoy it beacause you connect to it and if you feel something, if you make that connection,that just can't be wrong".

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