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Sapir Havshush

Born in 1991. trained in various dance styles such as ballet, modern and lyrical jazz, hip hop, locking and popping.Educated in Israel and studied under teachers such as Omer Stier (CEO of Dancity Dance Studios) , Mate Moray (Head Director Of The Israel Ballet), Nira Paaz and Nathalie Bornstien.


Participated in the “Kibbutzit Contemporary Dance Company” performance at the annual independence day of Israel in 2008. Took part in performances in Hertzliya's Performing Arts Center and Carmiel Dance Festivals in various projects (2004-2012). 


Started dancing at "Anewindow Dance Company", under the tutalge of Omer Stier, in 2009. Since then the company Performed at Suzanne Dallal Center its repertoire "The Gift And The Curse” that 

has been accepted to Suzanne Dallal Center Events "Machol Acher" and toured nationally in cooperation with Al-Sam (Anti Drug Orginazation). Participated in the artistic works of "Plants" (2009), and "Sounds of struggle" (2009-2010).


In 2015, the company took part in the dance festival "Marais dance festival" in Paris,France.

Most recently preformed with Anewindow Dance Company at the international convention TEDx in 2016 in Tel Aviv.

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