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Yael is one of the most promising new talents at Dancity Dance Studios.

learning her artform at Dancity for the past 8 years under teachers such as Lior Eliyahu, Sapir Havshush, Richard Danipog and Omer Stier, Yael has shown herself to be special.

Starring in all of Dancity's Showcases and Independence Day performances, she has developed her choreography skills at a young age while choreographing for her Junior dance program and this has translated to her excellent performances as a choreographer/teacher at the Dancity Upstage Choreographer/Teacher course.

Having completing the course with honors it was a matter of of time before she made another dream come true and started teaching at Dancity.

Yael has a special lyrical side to her jazz and her HipHop classes, emotional and technical with a lot of musicality, the complete dancer package

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